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HB100 Doppler Speed Sensor - Arduino Compatible

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HB100 Doppler Speed Sensor - Arduino Compatible


The HB100 Doppler modules you can find on Tindie or eBay need some electronics to be operated. This listing is for an official HB100 module (from ST Electronics) with its backpack, which contains all the necessary components.
To make it work, you just need to apply 5V and you're good to go! You may find Arduino sample code on my webpage
Please note that the assembly you'll receive may have a 90 degrees back connector as a straight one may damage the envelope it is shipped in. Shipping will be done from Switzerland or Shenzhen depending on current stock and customer location.

Input & Output signals

  • 5V / 50mA input
  • Frequency output, proportional to the object's speed
  • Voltage output, proportional to the amount of reflected RF signal

Please have a look at the video below which shows what you should expect.
For advanced technical specifications, please have a look at my webpage.
Please also check that this Doppler sensor follows your country regulations.

Speed measurement capabilities

As you can see in the video below this Doppler sensor is made to measure walking speeds from tens of meters away.
It will however be able to measure much faster objects when they are close to the sensor. For more advanced details on what to expect you may read the dedicated paragraph on this webpage
You may also be interested in my smaller, newer CDM324 doppler sensor module which can measure higher speeds.


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