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LM358 100 Gain Amplifier Module

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LM358 is a type of operational amplifier. It consists of two independent, highgain, frequency-compensated operational amplifiers designed to operate from a single supply over a wide range of voltages. When your project calls for a traditional op-amp function, now you can streamline your design with a simple single power supply. Use ordinary +5VDC common to practice any digital system or personal computer application, without requiring an extra 15V power supply just to have the interface electronics you need.


  • Onboard LM358 Chip 
  • 100 times gain circuit design 
  • On-board 10K adjustable resistor, could adjust amplifier times 
  • On-board power indicator lamp 
  • All pins leads, directly Input/output signals 
  • Working voltage: 5V-12V DC 
  • PCB size: 32.7mm x 13.3mm 


  • VCC: 5V-12V DC
  • IN: analog input
  • OUT: analog output
  • GND: ground 
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